it's a man's journey.

In the life time of every man there comes a point when he thinks about the direction to follow for the rest of his life, how it was before, what to believe and what to cultivate. Everyone has their moment. My time just came. I'm 39 years run a restaurant, I have two sons, I am from Gdansk, my name is Chris and I'm goining to drive alone 25 000 km from Nord Kapp to Cape Town in 3 months!

I dedicate my journey to my sons Karol and Antek.

Travel route

Kapp Nord
Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärv, Karlskrona
Gdańsk, Warsaw
Istanbul, Adana
Al Farafra, Assuan
Moroe Pyramids, Khartoum
Siemen mountains, Erta volcano
Nairobi, Masai Mara
Ngoro Ngoro, Pemba island, Mikumi Park
Nyika Park, Lilongwe
Livingstone, Victoria Waterfall, Zambezi Park
Delta of Okawango, Kalahari desert
Skeleton Coast, Windhoek
(South Africa)
Cape Town. Finish.

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Full report of the trip will be possible thanks to media partners and sponsors. You can track me via Facebook and Video Blog.


Lonely expedition involves over 9 months of preparation, equipmnet, geographic both. This continuous training and acquisition of practical skills and knowledge.
I am learning the language, car repairs, cultural conditions and practical coping skills and survival in extreme conditions.

My trip is also associated with high costs. I'm in the course of completion equipment needed by collecting funds.

I invite you to be a part of this project

Boldly I confess the principle of

"ask and you shall receive"

Both companies and individuals wishing to support the expedition and thus become a member, refer to the contact with the expedition team supporting me, portal either to direct contact with me. We are able to offer a dedicated form of the advertising message to a group of followers of my trip and thanks in the cooperation with the media to a wide audience.


Collaboration inquiry
Maria Parusińska
tel.784 049 387
[email protected]
Krzysiek Puternicki
[email protected]
Contact for media
Magda Jabłońska
tel.609 921 609
[email protected]


I would like to thank the partners, who decided to support my journey.
Because of you, I'm much closer to the expedition...

and you're coming with me!